China Will Spend More Than $182 Billion To Boost Internet Speeds By The End Of 2017

China unveiled a vision for the next stage of its economic ascent, moving from low-tech manufacturing to advanced industry in areas such as space, e-commerce, green energy and bioengineering by 2025.

The State Council also vowed to expand the 4G network to cover the whole of China by the end of 2017. It urged telecom operators to improve services and cut charges for Internet usage.

Many blame the slow speeds of Internet in China to massive firewall intervention to control the content on the web to weed out anti-government materials.

As a result Google and related websites can not be operated without the virtual private network (VPN) services.

The guidelines came just a month after Premier Li Keqiang criticised Internet services for being expensive and slow.

Analysts said faster and cheaper Internet connections will help promote the country’s “Internet Plus” scheme, a new strategy introduced by Li in March to integrate mobile Internet, cloud computing and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing to form a new engine for growth.

As China’s economic growth has slowed, it is striving to unleash the economic potential of its Internet users, who numbered 648 million at the end of 2014, giving the country the world’s largest online population.

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