China Unicom Announces Cooperation With Tencent And Alibaba In Cloud Services

China Unicom’s mixed-ownership reform has leapt forward in business cooperation with Chinese internet company Tencent and e-commerce platform Alibaba Group. This represents the first major business cooperation with strategic investors after China Unicom’s mixed-ownership reform plan was approved.

China Unicom & Tencent

China Unicom and Tencent recently jointly announced to leverage their respective rich resources and capabilities in communications, cloud computing and network security, and mutually open up these resources in order to accelerate and deepen integrated innovation in this powerful alliance to build a brand-new “cloud, pipe, terminal” Internet industry ecosystem platform.

China Unicom and Tencent will deepen cooperation in cloud computing and other business areas, mainly focusing on three aspects. Firstly, to fully carry out in-depth business cooperation in “public cloud”, China Unicom and Tencent will co-build cloud data centers to offer value-chain-wide cloud computing-based products, services and solutions to the market. Tencent will leverage its expertise to provide public cloud technology support to “WO Cloud” of China Unicom.

China Unicom & Alibaba 

On the same day, a similar project with China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba was announced by China Unicom. Different from Tencent’s consistent public cloud strategy, Alibaba initially launched its cloud computing branch as a private cloud that focuses on serving the internal demand of its e-commerce businesses. After years’ of production upgrade and data center expansion, Alibaba Cloud has become a global cloud computing player alongside Amazon, Microsoft and Google in public cloud market. China Unicom and Alibaba will keep developing cloud computing resources together and will further their partnership via comprehensive collaboration in other cloud businesses, such as dedicated cloud and hybrid cloud services.

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