China Telecom ( CTCC ) Selected Nuage Networks Technology For Cloud Services In China

China Telecom branch CTCC has selected Nuage Networks technology to help deliver  self-serve public cloud services in China´s cloud computing market.CTCC is investing in virtualization technologies and, specifically, Nuage Networks´ virtualized services platform (VSP) to provide SDN capability that operates seamlessly in CTCC´s complex and geographically dispersed network infrastructure.

To offer their customers the highest level of responsiveness with operators and enterprises requiring cloud services , CTCC requires its cloud infrastructure to be capable of creating a virtual machine for customers within minutes of a self-service request. Working with Nuage Networks´ VSP and the 7850 virtualized services gateway platforms.

To ensure availability and efficiency of cloud-based services over the scale of its public cloud project, CTCC must balance resource utilization with the high-availability needs of their customers. To overcome traffic bottlenecks, Nuage Networks´ Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS) module will substantially increase the efficiency of each network port to enable the support of more virtual machines per server.

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