China-Guiyang Big Data Expo


The Chinese enterprises are stepping up their efforts to unlock the full potential of big data. The Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2015 kicked off on Tuesday, attracting enterprises such as Alibaba, Foxconn and Huawei. As information technology rapidly develops, many in the industry are looking for ways to harness what is called ‘big data’ to create more everyday conveniences. Others are calling for proper guidelines and regulations for sharing and using big data.

Making a taxi fare payment with just a quick scan of the self-service IC card is a much simpler way to pay.

“Taxi drivers will receive the fare immediately in their bank account, no change is needed. Many banks and financial firms offer subsidies to taxi drivers to use this service, so many taxi drivers have already benefited from it,” said Zhu Liyu, manager of Guizhou Broad Intelligent Terminal Tech. Co., Ltd.​  The local traffic control department also has much to gain from the huge amount of data sent back from the service. Questions such as how and what the traffic condition is can be answered. The technology can also monitor if there are illegal taxis running in the city and where they are.

The forum invited more than 1,000 guests worldwide, including business executives, specialists in IT security evaluation and NGOs. Government officials such as the vice-premier of the State Council Ma Kai, and foreign ambassadors to China attended the opening ceremony.

Ma delivered a keynote speech, in which he said China needs to actively implement the ‘internet plus’ action plan and give priority to sectors dealing with massive data, like e-commerce, industrial manufacturing, and logistics. The Chinese government will give full support to help integrate big data with traditional industries and other sectors.

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