Business Laptops for Remote Working Professionals

Businesses today are becoming increasingly mobile. Instead of hiring people locally as they used to, now the hiring has become almost national if not global. That’s because the year 2020 has forced every business to enable employees to work from home. Hence, they can do their work sitting from anywhere. All they need is a laptop with proper security, durability, and reliability.

Work from home has therefore become the new normal, instead of an option as it used to. Every business therefore must invest in decent laptops for this mobile and WFH workforce, so that they’re more productive. Business laptops therefore become essential for most organizations. Here’s some advice on what to look for in a business laptop for your WFH workforce.

First thing is to go with one manufacturer. This brings uniformity and easier manageability. Plus of course, you can negotiate better on the price. Secondly, go with a vendor that provides a wide variety of options to choose from for different functions in your organization. If you’re a digital marketing firm for instance, with around 10 employees, then they’ll be doing different types of work. The work could range from managing digital campaigns to financial accounting to marketing, to even video editing. Here, a laptop that can manage emails and content editing may not be suitable for video editing. Having a vendor who provides an option for everyone, and is able to support them when needed, is therefore imperative.

The third and very important reason is security. Business laptops are much more secure than their consumer counterparts. As the name implies, they’re made for business first and everything else later. So, they can run for hours without a hitch, and are built like tanks. Greater durability ensures that they’ll easily run for a few years without requiring too much maintenance. They’re manufactured with a different mindset. Instead of focusing on the latest and greatest specs, the focus is on strength, stability and security. They should be able to take the occasional fall without breaking, or get the dreaded coffee bath without short circuiting. Security from malware becomes important for WFH professionals, because they don’t have the office firewalls to protect them. Business laptops provide the much-needed protection against BIOS corruption, zero-day attacks, and other malware infections. They provide quick image restoration to a clean image in case a malware corrupts the running image. This provides some respite for your IT support staff and ensures you don’t lose too much productive time.

Business laptops even provide shutters for the webcam to ensure that even if a spying malware does manage to creep in undetected, at least it won’t be able to keep an eye on you through the webcam. Many people might be working from remote locations where frequent and long power cuts are normal. Business laptops typically have long battery life to allow you to work inspite of having such power problems.

Laptop manufacturers like HP provide a wide variety of laptops for every requirement, from highly mobile thin and light laptops to mobile workstation power horses for graphics intensive work. The HP Elite Dragonfly for instance, weighs less than 1 KG, and provides over 24 hours of battery backup. Plus, it’s a convertible, meaning you can take it around the house and use it as a tablet or laptop depending upon your need. The Z class mobile workstations are power horses for those long hours of video editing and animation work. Plus, their hardware is certified to run all the popular graphics and animation applications, which provides more system stability against crashes.

If you haven’t already enabled your WFH workforce, then it’s time to do so. The fact of the matter is that business laptops are not optional anymore in the modern world, but a necessity that you should be investing in right now.

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