Big Data Is Logging In Now For Sure.


Sandeep Lodha

When said “the number of networked devices had crossed the human population few years ago” it is a no brainer in believing it. Let’s look at this part more closely.  This event already crossed us approximately in 2012. We have an annual growth rate of things connected to internet to about 65 percentage  which makes me to believe that we already have more than double of networked device than that of human population around. But why should that interest anyone?

We all know that all these networked devices run a lot of things on an automated mode and they generate an unstructured or rather semi structured logs of all the activity associated with it.  All put together it generate a lot of data. Another question which is quite prudent at this juncture is why these cryptic logs are important?

Today most of us carry a mobile and that chance of having it connected is almost certain. We all have heard stories that mobile actually sore a lot of information (in logs) including GPS data. The home or office router is tracking every bit of information and time stamping it. Routers at the Internet service providers are doing that too. Hence we like it or not a lot of data meaningful or otherwise are residing in these logs.  All the websites can have logs on kind of people visiting the site etc.  The question arises that what do we do with these logs?

Analytics is the answer but why would be the question that immediately rings. There are number of things can be done with this data. They can be used for pattern recognition, where there is matching of the data with some patterns and classify them and filter them out in different silos.  Correlating data from various sources for an event and creating alert systems. Artificial ignorance can be done on some part of data which can be potentially very uninteresting.

Today log analysis is key requirement for data security and has potential for overall security enhancement. They will help to build smarter and responsive systems of future. Next round of sensors are going to measure every depth, height and temperature or any other parameter on this earth in real time. Those smart watches are promising to know your heartbeat, blood pressure, when you are standing and when you are walking; even your sleep is tracked. I need not say that the pulse rate and blood pressure data once correlated to the location can throw interesting facts at some time. Would the criminal courts taking those as evidence to prove a crime will take its own course. It is for sure that these are going to be logged and logs are going to be analyzed.

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Sandeep Lodha is the VP Marketing for Tyrone Systems and is based in Singapore.



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