Big Data Intelligence To Indian Railway Travel

The train travel portal, The Railyatri is introducing a new service with the newly introduced insights section. The insight platform has data and tools that will help train passengers make an informed decision.

Rail Yatri believes that the demand for rail tickets is set to become exponentially higher than its supply. Big data is used world-wide to help travellers, but is not as popular in India. “We believe that this is a one of its kind platform where people can look at data and analyse one of the biggest travel networks in the world,” says Manish Rathi, Founder of RailYatri.

​The insights platform collects information from data that is spread across several different meta-data fields that have been captured by Rail Yatri for over a year. Working on the information gathered, theinsights platform has several algorithms that answer questions like – the probability of a train reaching its destination on time, frequency of a particular train, and also information like what is the likelihood of getting a confirmed seat.
Apart from information on train schedules and behaviour, this insights platform also provides information on which side to enter a platform from, whether the station has a retiring room, and other such smaller wisdoms. “These wisdoms are added by our users, so the insights platform essentially acts as a crowd sourced platform as well,” says Manish.While you might get schedules and other details on any website or travel portal, the intelligence associated with informing one if a train will arrive on time is relatively new in India. It is the huge data bank that has been gathered for over more than a year, which helps the platform feed in the relevant and intelligent information.

Evolution of the space

Today’s train traveler has access to information and does not want to be bothered with apps supplying the same information. “Train travelers don’t shy away from spending on travel-related services as long as quality is assured. In fact, some of our features were introduced after repeated requests from our users,” says Manish.

The team believes that the modern train traveler increasingly resembles the airplane traveler in terms of travel preferences, consumption profile, awareness, and information needs.“With RailYatri insights we aim to simplify train travel in India. The only way a traveller can make an informed decision is through insights and intelligence. We believe that is a useful and powerful tool for train travellers,” concludes Manish.

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