“BHASKARA”,A Supercomputer To Help Meteorologist In Weather Forecasting.

Supercomputer “BHASKARA” is expected to help meteorologist in conducting research and development related to prediction of weather including effective forecast of tropical cyclone, heavy rainfall and cloud burst events.

The supercomputer, with a high-resolution regional models,will be dedicated to the nation on June 2 by Union Minister​ ​for Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan.

The present augmentation shall enable Earth System Science​ ​Organisation – National Center for Medium Range Weather​ ​Forecasting (ESSO-NCMRWF) to provide high-resolution 10 days​ ​global weather forecast and prediction of extreme weather​ ​events using very high-resolution regional models with a​ ​horizontal resolution of 1.5 km and probabilistic forecasts​ ​using an ensemble prediction system.

“The High Performance Computing (HPC) facility installed​ ​at ESSO-NCMRWF is a part of the overall ESSO HPC facilitywhich includes the system installed at ESSO-IITM (Indian​ ​Institute of Tropical Meteorology).

​”With the commissioning of ‘Bhaskara’, the overall ESSOHPC facility will have a peak computing power of 1.14​ ​peta​ ​flops,” a statement issued by the Ministry of Earth​ ​Sciences said.

The augmentation shall enable ESSO-NCMRWF to provide very​ ​high resolution 10 days deterministic weather forecast and​ ​probabilistic forecast from a 44-member ensemble prediction​ ​system within the generally accepted time window of about 5​ ​hours from the standard observation time.​

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