Baidu Self-Driving Car V/S Google’s Driverless Car

One of the world’s leading web service companies, Baidu that runs China’s biggest internet search engine. The engineers at Baidu have taken it to their heart to develop an autonomous aka self driving car of their own.

The Chinese have a way of disrupting the present technology in a way that astonishes the world. In the race to build the best driverless car, Baidu will now join the likes of Google, Apple as well as many leading automobile manufacturers across the world. Baidu’s CEO, Mr. Robin Li revealed that the company has collaborated with automakers to develop a smart car by utilizing its resources in IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing.

Among various technologies to be employed for the Baidu self driving car, the internet giant will make use of Baidu Maps (the Chinese variant of Google Maps) and Baidu Brain, a project undertaken by the company to build the world’s largest and most powerful computer cluster.

Interestingly, Baidu Brain was initially aimed at improving image recognition as online search queries shift from being text-based to images.
It will be interesting to see if and how self driving cars become mainstream. Baidu is a powerful new addition to the arena. What are your thoughts about self driving cars and riding to office in a car that drives itself? Share with us in comments below.



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