AWS Shows Need for Decentralized Cloud Computing

This morning, Amazon Web Services (AWS) underwent a major cloud outage, causing both its Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service solutions to receive many request errors in the United States. AWS is a cloud computing solutions provider ran by Amazon, a company most known for its large online retail network. 

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Amazon began investigating a rise in errors for requests made to Amazon S2 in the US-STANDARD region at 12:36 AM PDT. Just a few minutes after this investigation began, the company reported even more errors for the EC2 APIs and launch failures for EC2 instances in Amazon’s US-EAST-1 region. Additionally, AWS experienced heightened latencies in its SendEmail, SendRawEmail, and Send SMTPEmail APIs in the US-EAST-1 region.

Two AWS customers, Heroku and GitHub, have confirmed that they have experienced issues due to the AWS outage. Heroku reported that customers could not push changes to their apps, while GitHub users saw increased error rates on repository release downloads and issue image uploads.

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