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Automata Processing: Accelerating Big Data

Many of today’s most challenging computer science problems—such as those involving very large data structures, unstructured data, random access or real-time performance requirements—require highly parallel solutions. The current implementation of parallelism can be cumbersome and complex, challenging the capabilities of traditional CPU and memory system architectures and often requiring significant effort on the part of programmers and system designers. 

For the past seven years, Micron Technology has been developing a hardware co-processor technology that can directly implement large-scale Non-deterministic Finite Automata (NFA) for efficient parallel execution. This new non-Von Neumann processor, currently in fabrication, borrows from the architecture of memory systems to achieve massive data parallelism, addressing complex problems in an efficient, manageable method. 

On September 17, the Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) hosted a seminar for Financial IT professionals entitled Delivering Big Data. As part of that event, Micron’s Dan Skinner delivered an introductory on this revolutionary new technology, the growing ecosystem, as well as potential applications in the area of computational finance and data analytics.



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