Attempt to Tackle IoT, Big Data Hurdles- FICO

FICO- The leading analytics software company launched FICO Big Data Analyzer and FICO Data Management Integration Platform to harness the power of Big Data and enable a wide range of users to employ analytics tools.

FICO Big Data Analyzer is a purpose-built analytics environment that will empower a new generation of data professionals to analyze data and discern new, actionable insights from the same. Moreover, Big Data Analyzer, when combined with FICO Analytic Modeler and the FICO Decision Management Platform, offers a complete Big Data Analytics Software solution that spans the entire analytics lifecycle, from data exploration and advanced analytics to operational implementation.

Fair Isaac also unveiled FICO Data Management Integration Platform, a streaming analytics and real-time data processing platform, which will accelerate actionable insights and decisions garnered from Big Data analysis.

The platform will absorb, normalize, correlate and refine Big Data as it is being generated, thus ensuring faster analysis and generating real-time actionable insights. The platform will unravel the power of analytics and the emerging IoT for businesses by translating massive, intricate data into clear, actionable insights in real time.

The data-processing platform also holds great significance for the Internet of Things (IoT), which is already generating huge amounts of data.

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