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8 Cloud Computing Trends Through 2015

Key Trends: 

1- Rise in Cloud Number and Types of Services: 
Cloud computing trends 2015 suggest that enterprises’ IT departments will undergo a sharp rise in their adoption of cloud services which will mean they will have to adopt to increasing pressure to reduce cost while compromising little on productivity. The balance gets shifted from client/server to cloud based applications. Survey speaks that by the end of year 2015, most of the enterprises will have the majority of their data storage, disaster backup recovery and business intelligence apps delivered by cloud service providers. 

2- Tall Promises Come in Small Packets: 
Cloud promises to deliver a range of benefits which include a wiser shift from capital-intensive to operational cost models with lower overall cost, reduced complexity and greater agility. This will be a high value addition for businesses and activities which supports business innovation with potentially lower risks. 

3- Global Cloud Deployments: 
The global expansion will be driven by cloud. Even the high-growth enterprises which drive increased revenue through globalization will be turning to cloud services regardless of the geographical location. They will soon understand that there is no point in building expensive and expansive data centers and applications worldwide while hiring local IT support staff to run them. 

Cloud computing trends 2015 explains that winning companies will commit to the cloud and never look back. 

4- Best of Breed Solutions: 
Enterprises will enjoy the benefits of adopting to a variety of best solutions which will ensure better performance and more flexibility. It shall also offer them better choice and interoperability. Those companies who relied on vendor lock-in have to re-consider their previous successful business models. 

5- Embrace Hybrid Cloud Architecture: 
A hybrid cloud strategy brings to business best performance at lower cost. From the world-class companies to small and medium enterprises, they shall all choose hybrid cloud architecture and service delivery. 

6- Outsource the outsourcing of cloud services: 
There is a comprehensive visibility about hundreds of cloud providers that they are developing applications and other services which can help companies excel. Many companies will even outsource the outsourcing of their cloud computing services. 

7- Adoption of Private Cloud Connections for Addressing Security Concerns: 
Research reports that approximately 72 percent of IT professionals consider better security as the top benefit for a direct connection to cloud providers therefore recognizing the clear benefits which provide over access via the public internet. 

8- Multi-tenant Data Centers: 
Cloud trends show that cloud providers and enterprises will dominate the cloud landscape in the time to come. Multitenant data centers bring companies closer thereby giving access to vast number of resources.

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