4 Insights For Big Data Tool Makers

One of the most buzzing topic last year (2014) “The Big Data”, is not just growing but has also propelled experts and users to get their hands dirty on tools that can give them those those much anticipated and expected big-insights. Big Data is nothing without big insight and the price to pay for the same is even bigger.


However it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to dig big insights, leave alone deciding which tools and how to use them. No doubt the currently available big data tools are awesome. These tools could help business enormously. But the bigger question is, when will the businesses be able to get these tools rolling and running to full potential?

Let’s talk about the five basic pointers for the product managers the ‘tool-makers’:

1)    Improve time to adoption

A product could start being high on Time to Adoption but could work its way downwards to make sure they build something that can be easily adopted by their prospective businesses. This metric will also help businesses understand which product is having its shortest route to their business.


2)    Adoption with existing resources

Another important metric for product managers and clients is to figure out how much of client’s existing infrastructure and resources will be utilized. This will give a key perspective into how to go about designing the product. The right product will make integration faster and offload client’s nightmare and adoption troubles.


3)    A hug to other tools

If your product strategy believes in locking out clients in your system, it may not be a great long term strategy except if you care to grow with your clients, and are willing to integrate your product with the client’s system in a certain niche.  Let the client look for complimentary alternate solutions. This strategy will keep tool companies real and relevant.

4) Basic & Quick Proficiency level

This is another good indicator for measuring a good tool. Not to anyone’s surprise, this indicator will suggest how fast could one attain substantial knowledge to start using the tool. These metrics on the other side suggest clients that how much will they need to plan their resources for adoption.

There could be a few more steps relevant for the product managers and those that can bring faster adoption and usage of tools to make them really mass products. Which other steps do you think we are missing here?  Write to us!

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