UK Doctors Store 1600 Digital Hearts For Big Data Study!

Big Data analytics is helping UK doctors better understand the relationship between people’s genes and heart diseases. According to a BBC report, Scientists at the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Sciences Center at Hammersmith Hospital are scanning detailed 3D videos of heats of over 1600 patients and collecting genetic information from each volunteer. The aim is to develop new treatments by comparing the detailed information on the hearts and the patients’ genes.


The idea to store such huge amounts of data from so many hearts is to compare the data and see what the common factors are that lead to illnesses. DR. Declan feels that this kind of analysis will increasingly become the norm in medicine in coming years.

The Big Data idea is sweeping across a range of scientific research fields and, as you would expect, there are some very large numbers involved. In another study, researchers at the institute for Neuroimaging and informatics at the University of Southern California are storing 30,000 detailed 3D brain scans, requiring the space equivalent to 10,000 laptops.

In a similar big data study related to medicine, The Square Kilometer Array, a radio telescope being built in Africa and Australia, will collect enough data in one year to fill 300 million laptops. That is 150 times the current total annual global internet traffic.

However, the challenge for scientists is to find new ways to manage this big data and analyze it.

So, since, just collecting data does not solve any problems by itself, researchers and doctors located all around the world are taking the help of big data analytics to get the best out of the data in order to serve future mankind




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