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Learn to Be More Agile, Responsive and Customer Focused. 27 TOP EXPERTS SHARE THEIR SECRET 

To better understand how to get the most value out of real-time analytics—and with the generous support of New Relic— we collected answers to the following question from 27 top real-time analytics professionals:A colleague has been tasked with implementing real-time analytics to transform her company (e.g., saving money, improving a product, or smarter marketing). Please share a story from your own experience or a critical piece of advice that will help her succeed.The first section of this e-book focuses on when it makes sense to use real-time analytics to inform decisions and actions. The second section focuses on getting the most from real-time analytics. One recurring theme from the experts is that to derive value from real-time analytics, you must be able to take real-time action.We hope the insights and experiences these real-time analytics experts share help you strengthen your own business intelligence strategies. 
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