Northeast India Got Its First Supercomputer, Set Up At Assam Engineering College

The Northeast got its first supercomputer, set up at Assam Engineering College here today.

Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi inaugurated the C-DAC & AEC Param Supercomputing Facility, a joint collaboration of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing and the college. The facility, set up at around Rs 60 lakh, will house the latest offering from C-DAC’s labs, Param Shavak, which is in tabletop form (four in number) and considered one of the world’s most compact supercomputers.

C-DAC is the premier research and development organisation of the Centre’s department of electronics and information technology for carrying out research and development in IT, electronics and associated areas.

The supercomputing facility will begin operations with 4 units of the Param Shavak supercomputing system. Supercomputing experts from C-DAC had earlier visited the college to deliver and deploy the system. The system is meant for research organisations and academic institutions that are on the verge of adopting high-performing computing culture.

Param Shavak is specially designed to provide computational resource with advanced technologies to perform high-end computations for scientific, engineering and academic programmes to address and catalyse research, using modelling, simulation and data analysis. This initiative is expected to create a high-performing computing-aware skilled workforce and promote research by integrating leading-edge emerging technologies at the grassroots level.

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