Max Healthcare Goes Smart To Optimize Patient Experience

In order to improve user experience and give its clients an optimal multi-channel experience Max Healthcare, one of the well-known healthcare services providers in the country has decided to adopt IBM’s Mobile Client Care solution. The solution, when deployed, is expected to enable a digital transformation for the healthcare provider – making its IT infrastructure a smart, scalable and secure environment.

Talking about the need for such a solution, Sumit Puri, Chief Information Officer, Max Healthcare said “Healthcare industry is at an inflexion point with an ever growing demand for better patient services. Access to data, insights and expertise will free up the time our employees were spending on resolving desk-side IT issues, empowering them to proactively mitigate the impact of any technology related issue, improving response time and thus ultimately helping our doctors deliver improved patient services.”

With over 2600 beds, 2300 doctors and 13 hospitals across several states in India, Max Healthcare found it a challenge to manage their patient care and response set up, since it was depended on legacy IT system. The legacy system worked in silos from where it was difficult to analyse the generated data, thus hindering improvement in performance. This, in turn, impacted the healthcare provider’s quality and efficiency of patient care and response.

But with IBM’s Mobility services and analytics solutions Max Healthcare will move from its legacy IT systems to smart technology and systems that will continuously learn and evolve to deliver a consistent user experience to Max employees. “India has emerged as one of the fastest growing healthcare services market today. Rapid growth and stiff competition have propelled the need to build in operational efficiencies and address ever-changing customer preferences. With a combination of IBM mobility services and advanced analytics, Max will be able to create a robust, scalable infrastructure and focus on delivering greater value to its patients in India,” explained Ajay Mittal, Director, Infrastructure Services, Global Technology Services, IBM India.

According to Puri, IBM’s analytical tools will help Max Healthcare identify trending issues to reduce the volume of IT incidents by 10 to 15% in the first year. “Insights based on correlation of data will help predict situations to improve IT incident resolution. This technological intervention is designed to help the hospital provide better patient care services, enhance employee productivity and improve customer support experience while reducing the operational costs,” he added. The solution will be accessible to all employees through end user devices covering all touch points like registration, lab services, pharmacy, etc. IBM’s solution will help Max move from legacy IT systems to learning systems helping Max deliver a consistent, superior user experience for its employees.

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