IGEL presents the UD6 thin client with quad core processor for high-performance computing

IGEL Technology unveiled its newest and most powerful thin client today. The IGEL UD6 comes with Intel Celeron quad core processors offering speeds of up to 2.42 GHz and ample memory. This hardware framework makes IGEL’s new flagship model the ideal choice for delivering the most demanding graphics, 3D or multimedia applications whilst taking advantage of all the benefits of a secure and centralized infrastructure.

On the hardware side, the UD6’s performance figures allow the use of Citrix HDX 3D Pro technology, which was specially developed for accessing server-based 3D applications. For this purpose, high-performance CAD workstations/servers equipped with powerful NVIDIA GRID cards are used in the computer center. On the client side, IGEL’s UD6 is the ideal end device for power users.

he multiprotocol thin client takes full advantage of its high-performance hardware in all other application scenarios too. For example, the VMware Horizon Client 3.1 is integrated into the current version of the firmware. On the basis of PCoIP, the solution provides all VMware customers with optimum support for high-performance applications on existing backend server infrastructures.

At the heart of the UD6 hardware is an Intel Celeron J1900 quad core processor based on the latest Bay Trail chipset technology. CPUs with frequencies of between 1.99GHz and 2.42GHz (Turbo Mode) are available. The 2GB main memory (DDR3L-RAM) offers impressive multitasking performance with all operating systems. With spare computing power available too, the new UD6 offers investment security and is designed to cope with future requirements. As standard, the IGEL UD6 offers a SATA SSD flash memory ranging from 2GB (LX model) to 8GB (W7+ model). Larger flash memory modules are optionally available. In spite of its high-performance hardware, the IGEL UD6 offers outstanding energy efficiency with a power consumption of just 8 watts under full load.As a genuine Universal Desktop thin client, the new flagship device supports all popular communication protocols including Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP and Microsoft RDP, including RemoteFX. On the operating system side, there is a choice between IGEL Linux and Windows Embedded Standard 7.”With the UD6, we’re opening up entirely new possibilities for our customers. Thanks to its high performance, thin clients can now be used to provide workstations that previously required a particularly high-performance product,” said Simon Richards, UK & Ireland Managing Director at IGEL. “As a long-standing Citrix partner, the integration of the futuristic HDX 3D technology was particularly important for us. As a result, the UD6 offers maximum performance and users enjoy the benefits of a virtual, centralized and remote-managed IT infrastructure.”
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