Fusion Advances Cloud Strategy With Network, Technology And Infrastucture Expansion; Hires Chief Technology Officer

A leading cloud services provider, announced today that it has completed a series of technology, network and infrastructure upgrades and expansion projects. The key improvements, planned and executed through the end of last year, reflect the Company’s 2014 focus on building the systems, staff and resources required to scale in anticipation of the Company’s organic growth and acquisition strategy for 2015 and beyond.


  • Built out 7 additional Points of Presence and upgraded Fusion’s core nationwide network, facilitating faster, high quality connections to more customers in more markets, and expanded capacity to continue to meet increasing customer demand as the number of cloud services delivered over a single Fusion connection grows
  • Built out a new data center in Texas, expanded its New Jersey data center and augmented the Company’s redundant virtual and storage infrastructure to extend diversity and redundancy and support future growth in its enterprise Cloud Computing solutions, particularly for Storage and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions in its Healthcare vertical
  • Built a new, state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC), upgrading and expanding one of two facilities providing redundant, live 24×7 technical support, to ensure quality of service guarantees and deliver proactive customer care
    • Enhanced network monitoring and maintenance infrastructure at the NOC to ensure that customers are online all the time
  • Initiated development and deployment of new, upgraded OSS and billing system to complete acquisition integration and support anticipated organic growth
  • Expanded cloud communications infrastructure with the pending deployment of switching enhancements that will add functionality across all redundant cloud services platforms while driving down costs
  • Introduced a number of improvements to its Cloud Voice and Cloud UC solutions to increase customer productivity, collaboration and ease of communication with enhancements to Fusion’s advanced service features, including personal attendant, web collaboration, hoteling, and multi-option call recording

In support of its extensive network and infrastructure expansion roadmap, and to ensure that Fusion is securely poised to assert a leadership position as a single source for the Cloud, Fusion has hired a new Chief Technology Officer to lead the Company’s technology and development effort. Tom Durkin, an industry leader in developing and implementing proven cloud technologies, has joined Fusion to advance its cloud strategies. A key focus will be an aggressive development effort on the Company’s proprietary cloud services platform. Tom will lead the effort to continue to drive innovations in Fusion’s integrated solutions portfolio, anticipating emerging technology advancements to introduce new and improved solutions that solve customer problems and meet specialized customer requirements in key verticals, and expanding the Company’s Cloud Computing solution set to offer one of the most comprehensive cloud portfolios in the industry.

Tom’s experience spans decades. He has led major initiatives in technology development in the U.S. and abroad, ranging from building private and hybrid cloud solutions for major banks and government institutions, to running global communications networks, to developing ultra high bandwidth Cloud Storage-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a- Service solutions for major healthcare, financial and energy organizations. Tom has a long history of collaboration with major equipment manufacturers as well as specialized SaaS solution providers, consulting on innovations that have helped facilitate the latter’s migration to the cloud.

At Geographic Network Affiliates, where he served as CTO and EVP, Tom was responsible for the design and build-out of data centers for clients such as Google, for whom he built two data centers in the Netherlands, and Savvis, for whom he built a data center in Singapore.

Tom has held senior executive roles in Engineering and Operations for a number of international carriers. As Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Pacific Gateway, a $400 million dollar global services provider, Tom was responsible for building the infrastructure and services of Pacific Gateway’s wholly owned subsidiary Onyx, now a cloud-based infrastructure provider in Europe. While at Reliance Globalcom, a multi-billion dollar service and infrastructure provider with a global footprint, Tom served as Vice President for Global Business Development and Technology, and was responsible for expanding the company’s multinational communications and data center infrastructure in India and other countries around the globe.

Tom has previously served as Vice President of Engineering and Operations for WorldCom and has provided consulting services to governments and international education institutions, including the National Science Foundation and USAID. Tom has years of experience supporting solutions for Healthcare, and can count among his many achievements a number of cloud-based initiatives for infectious disease control.

“Tom brings a wealth of experience to the Fusion technology effort. His mastery of the core elements of our business is matched by his clear vision for the future. Tom is focused on ensuring that our cloud solution set is leading edge, developing the innovations that will advance our customers’ success now and well into the future. He will be constantly evaluating new technologies, while keeping a firm grasp on identifying what keeps our customers up at night and advancing their success by delivering the right solution at the right time,” said Don Hutchins, Fusion President and Chief Operating Officer.

About Fusion

Fusion is a leading provider of integrated cloud solutions to small, medium and large businesses. Fusion’s advanced, proprietary cloud service platform enables the integration of leading edge solutions in the cloud, including cloud communications, cloud connectivity and cloud computing. Fusion’s innovative, yet proven cloud solutions lower our customers’ cost of ownership, and deliver new levels of security, flexibility, scalability and speed of deployment. Fusion is a servicemark of Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc. For more information, please visit

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