Cray Addressing Seismic Data Processing For Oil & Gas Companies

If you look at why high performance computing is becoming more and more critical, in particular why CRAY is playing a greater and greater role in high performance computing related to oil and gas exploration and production.What we’re finding is, from a computational perspective and from an IO infrastructure perspective that the techniques that we have been using up until now, for example writing, Dennard scaling and getting free compute capacity simply by having our GHz turn up every couple of few years, those days are over.And that’s where CRAY comes in.

CRAY provides those kinds of computational abilities; interconnect capabilities between processors themselves and access to extremely high performance storage capabilities that together as a high performance computing infrastructure hold the best chance for being able to supply the requirements and needs of the industry as we move forward into this world of greater algorithmic complexity and greater data tsunamis.

Cray has been in the business of doing high performance computing for over forty years. We have developed a tremendous amount of expertise, and internal capabilities in our people, to be able to help the oil and gas industry deal with what does it take to transition from the computing and storage and networking requirements that got us to where we are, into the world of supercomputing. It is things that we have done at the largest installations for computing and storage infrastructure in the world, that are solving some of the most difficult engineering and physics challenges on the planet.

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