6 Rising Big Data Stars in Asia & US

You may have read the report by IDC where it claims that only 0.5% of data is ever analysed. The reasons for this could be no availability of experts or tools or just that it may be humanly impossible to analyse all the data around us. We have with us a handful of Big Data startups that are committed to break all boundaries and restrictions and take us to an era where we would be

1. Sum ALL



SumAll, a NEW YORK based big data startup, has built a business around helping organizations make the most out of their marketing data streams. Organizations invest in various types of marketing and CRMs including social media marketing, email marketing, Zendesk type CRMs etc.

The big question that all organizations ask is how to make sense of so much data and a bigger question is can they attribute the conversions or sales to any specific marketing vehicle?

Sumall solves this problem by integrating social media, crm, google adwords, mailchimp email data etc. and makes sense of what impacts final sales and transactions

SumAll is already being used by more than 300,000 businesses.




Founded in 2011, Domo says it offers a cloud based platform designed to give users real- time access to data throughout different sources via single dashboard and can quickly derive structured and unstructured data from almost any source, whether a spreadsheet, a database, or a social media site. One of the larger challenges that face marketing organizations today is disparate data from multiple sources.

Domo as a business intelligence tool automatically pulls in data, in real time, from spreadsheets, social media, on-premise storage, databases, cloud-based apps, and data warehouses relating to different business in one dashboard- where users can put one metric against other and receive amazing insights and a one-view of business as a whole

So far Domo has raised over USD250m and has over 1,000 paying customers.


3. Alpine Data Labs


ALPINE DATA LABS, San Francisco-based offers a platform that allows users to create analytical queries using a simple and familiar drag-and-drop approach. The platform is compatible with both Hadoop-based data sources and traditional relational databases. Well, enter Alpine Data Labs, one of the better-known big data startups dedicated to bring predictive analytics to the masses.

Alpine Data Labs in November raised $16 million in Series B venture funding, bringing its total funding to $23.5 million.




ALTISCALE, formed in 2012 by former CTO of Yahoo Raymie Stata, is a big data start up that admires itself on having developed the industry’s first cloud service to run Apache Hadoop, the open-source platform for managing big data.

It has recently raised a series B round of USD30m funding (total of USD40m so far). It has interesting monetization model of billing users monthly based on the amount of computing time and storage they typically consume each month




Antuit is less than 2 years old and already a leading business analytics Solutions Company providing high quality, reliable and cost effective solutions including big data analytics.

It is one of very few Asian companies that have raised USD56m funding and not just that, it has a portfolio of 20 clients of which 8 are Fortune 500 firms. It has a unique business model wherein it works like a partner to the clients to structure data and intelligence, analyze it, and then model it based on the immediate needs of the business


6. DataRPM

Founded by Sundeep Sanghavi, Shyamantak Gautam and Ruban Phukan in 2012 with HQ in US and R&D in India at Bangalore. DataRPM enables Smart Data Modeling on Hadoop’s federated data using machine learning, and conducts statistical analysis to deliver Smart Insights.

The premise of DataRPM value to customers is simple- the scale and velocity of data is so huge that the only way to provide insights will be through machines and not humans.

DataRPM was named “Best New Big Data Solution” by the American Business Awards and “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in 2014.


Click here to read the interview of Ruban Phukan , one of the co-founders, here at HPC ASIA


Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/georigami/13925794972/in/photolist-ndzkFj-qiJ3nN-9w3hNo-7fzNPc-fp2Gyt-jjnNoH-fq9Gvj-n6Gzem-dVsoH7-qs5fZT-9s82QF-fpGBkQ-dvDHN-fxGH9-h8EGgm-iGn49J-bki4Bj-ayGru5-cWLNqj-dYPMVw-p6hcun-a9dnvT-84H7jK-NyQmq-bcP3zF-gKc23M-aP9rKK-987f2v-dVVj6d-qVj2K5-aBwXz5-pK8aR-53Y2ec-7MvPqA-qnceU1-fLFvam-fpUrm6-jqNt6Q-jrJwVc-8tTSTV-8tTSTD-8Vt7oY-8Vt9uy-8vcVnP-8vjmw5-8vhEmy-8vgCfA-8V4E4a-8VaGbd-8vfqnB



This Feature is written by : Lubhawna Soni





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