4 Ways To Use Cloud Computing For Small Business

Available from any device wherever an internet connection can be had
Small business can benefit from having smaller square footage of actual office space 
Employees can work from home, work while being on the road or wherever they are. Good practice would have them report to a physical location occasionally, and as long as they are producing and helping the business grow having access from anywhere is brilliant.
File Sharing Programs
Assists in expanding the pool of employees that are required to have access to shared documents, videos, programs, etc. 
You can create groups or share to whomever you need to share to when you need to share to them.
Not necessary to set up a network or get involved with providing a virtual private network. 
You simply need an internet connection and the cloud service provider. 

Online Data Storage
It is imperative for small business to have and maintain their data. 
Cloud computing provides a cost effective way to take advantage while not having expensive servers and networks; or the costly overhead of database employees to maintain the equipment and software related to warehousing the data. 
The cloud is ultimately more reliable because it is less susceptible to corruption, failure, or lost of data. 
Document Collaboration
A seamless option for working on files or documents. 
It is always updated and synced to everyone the files are shared with.
Once a file is uploaded (even large files) you will be able to access, view update, edit, review and chat with others real time about “collaborating” on the same project.

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