Guest Article: Big Data Has Bowled Us Over


Linsiya Patrao

Today sports has taken over our lives making it mandatory to time our work schedules according to the game. So much so, that it has taken over our alarms as well.  Whether it’s FIFA or Cricket, each of us drive ourselves to the extent of calling friends and family over to watch Messi score that epic goal or the Indian team bowl us over.

Time and again, we see blogs and tweets on how big data is set to change the world; it’s not surprising to witness it make a mark in the world of sports as well. Whether it is Cricket, Football or even Golf for that matter, Big Data Analytics has the need to make its presence felt. In fact, the 2011 film, Moneyball focussed on Oakland A’s use of analytics to acquire players; and now we come to terms to the use of data mining in the field of Baseball.

If golfers want to analyze their swings, they can  thank Vijay Nadkarni, founder and CEO of Mobiplex, who created a device that is light-weight and is a bluetooth enabled clip that sticks to the club analyzing your swing, providing real-time feedback. Inside the clip is a wireless 3-D motion sensor that’s paired with an app. When you swing, the device analyzes the speed, swing tempo and the overall path of the clubhead. The device also comes with instructional videos. Feel free to call it your mobile golf coach.

The SAP Match Insights, analyses the ample amount of data produced in a football game, and helps coaches and scouts assess key situations in each match to improve the performance of individual players and the team.  This was developed with the German Football Assocation.

SAP Match Insights runs on the SAP HANA platform, and has a simple user interface that can be used by players and coaches to facilitate a more interactive dialogue to brief the team for future matches. The German national team used SAP Match Insights in an early adoption phase for preparation and post-analyses of the matches during the World Cup in Brazil.

SAP and Indian Premier League cricket franchise Kolkata Knight Riders said they were using a customized SAP HANA-based platform to evaluate players during the auction, derive post-game analytics after each game and drive fan engagement.

India’s largest IT services provider Tata Consultancy Services Ltd has also launched an application, TCS SocialSoccer, to help fans experience football on their smartphones or tablets. With the help of algorithms, the app aggregates real-time analysis of all matches based on Twitter data, tracking sentiment and key talking points from pundits, footballers and fans from across the globe. The app is interactive and enables fans to interact with other supporters, identify trending topics from specific matches and monitor sentiment around their favourite teams or players.

Cricket has been associated with Big Data for over a long period of time with the use of statistics in almost all matches. But Baseball wins when it comes to its association with Big Data, while Football has been the last entrant. The idea of Big Data making its entry in Sports has proved to be a win-win for teams across the globe in analyzing their best players and making the game accurate and worthwhile for them as well as people who fancy it.

Author Bio:

Linsiya is a tech enthusiast who loves researching and writing on emerging and hot technologies in the IT field. She works in Edureka, which is an e-learning company teaching live interactive online courses. She loves tweeting and connecting with other tech enthusiasts. She also enjoys reading, travelling and cooking.



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