3 Misconceptions About Big Data

Big data is undoubtedly big but is it also the big daddy of all things?  There are many misconceptions associated with it and today we want to take you through a journey across these interesting myths



Not all data is useful, and big data in its own purest unstructured form is perhaps the least useful. Unless we invest in organizing, processing and distributing it correctly (and perhaps associating packets of data) we will never find any insight or meaning of the big data.  So when one is investing in Big Data, do care for a thought towards analytics and data mining and processing.


#Biggest Thing About Big Data is That It Is Big

Most of us think about Big Data from the perspective of its size, but the reality and more compelling challenge is not really size but the streaming volume of data coupled with variety of data.  One would be better off thinking about how to harness such real time volume of a varied type of data and get insights from the same.



Most companies start with infrastructure, software, and analytics tools before they have identified the business problems they are trying to solve. This results in costly investments, without any clear path to ROI. What businesses should do is that they should start with the the key information needs of the Business/Marketing teams.   If the marketing team can define and spell out key answers and key insights they need from Big Data, correctly or comprehensively, the IT teams can then structure the scope well and the whole enterprise benefits from the same

What do you think are the Biggest Myths or Misconceptions of Big Data?  Let us know here: editor@hpc-asia.com



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